Rubber Feet for Coasters

18 Jul  

Rubber feet protect your coasters, and coasters protect your table tops!

Bumper Specialties rubber bumper feet have many applications, including rubber feet for coasters.  This particular application is most popular with granite, glass, and ceramic coasters.  Our bumper stops strongly adhere to the bottom surface of the coaster to keep the coaster from slipping or sliding on the tabletop.  Additionally, since our rubber feet are 100% polyurethane, they will not damage, scuff, or stain your table tops.

Coaster Bumper Feet
Bumper Specialties Rubber Feet Protect Glass Coasters

One of our customers, Craft Fusion Limited, creates beautiful glass art for over 100 galleries throughout the United Kingdom.  Bumper Specialties is happy to sell bumper stops in the UK.  As a matter of fact, we presently ship our bumper feet to over 70 countries!  All our rubber feet are available in clear, so they will be invisible and not detract from the glass art.  Keep stunning glass art protected with our high quality crystal clear bumpers and avoid the hassle of other unsightly stoppers.

Rubber Feet on Craft Fusion Coasters
Craft Fusion Ltd creates beautiful coasters… and protects them with our bumper feet!

Other companies use felt or cork to keep their coasters in place.  However, Bumper Specialties bumper stops will not crack, break, or wear out like these other materials.  Try using Bumper Specialties rubber feet on the bottom of your coasters to see the quality and improvement that comes with our products!

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