Polyurethane Information

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The results of the physical test performed on Bumper Specialties’ polyurethane material are summarized in the table below. Please note, these tests were performed on hand mixed samples and the values are averaged. Values obtained from machine mixed samples would be better due to improved mixing and reduction or elimination of entrapped air.

Tensile Strength, psi (g/cm²) 627 psi (44,032) 750 psi (52,730)
Elongation, % 192 607
Tear Strength 214 (38,216) 127 (22,680)
Hardness, Shore A 60 — 70 45 — 55
Bashore Rebound, % 27 35
Abrasion Resistance g/1000 cycles Tabor H18, 1kg 0.016 0.010
QUV (500 hours) Slight Yellowing  Slight Yellowing
self extinguishing timeseconds 66.6 not heat aged — 72.0 heat aged
self extinguishing length, inches 0.62 not heat aged — 0.52 heat aged
burn rate, inches per minute 0.02 not heat aged — no data available

Dimension Tolerance: ±0.020″ (0.5mm)

This data is based on laboratory flammability tests and should not be used to predict performance under actual fire conditions. Due to the many varying applications for our products, we recommend performing suitability tests on the original materials before use in each case. Our applications engineering service is available for you to consult.

Notice to Purchaser

Information and specifications contained herein are believed to be reliable, but no assurance is given as to the accuracy or completeness of technical information or recommendations. The Sellers or Manufacturers sole undertaking with respect to the product in lieu of all warranties of any kind is to replace any of the product that is proved to be defective. Neither Seller nor Manufacturer makes any warranty or representation the product is suitable for any specific purpose, nor shall Seller or Manufacturer be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any expressed or implied warranty. No person is authorized to assume for Seller or Manufacturer any liability or obligation in regard to this product other than as expressly set forth in this paragraph.

Materials used by Bumper Specialties, Inc. are in full compliance with the European Standard for RoHS.

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