Frequently Asked Bumper Questions


How much are freight costs for delivering rubber bumpers to my area?

All shipping costs depend on your order size. For an estimate, please give us a call or email us today.

Do you ship your adhesive bumpers Internationally?

Yes, we do ship our products internationally. We assist our international customers with the process of choosing the most efficient shipping method.


How do I purchase self-adhesive bumper feet?

Some of our customers have wondered where to buy stick on rubber bumper feet for furniture and other applications. All bumpers listed on our Product Page can be purchased directly through any of our Sales Staff here in the office or from our website using a secured credit card. Alternatively, our bumpers can be purchased through any one of our authorized distributors. Please call us today at 856-345-7696 with any questions.


What color options are available for your self-adhesive bumpers?

All of our self-adhesive bumpers are offered in both Clear and Black, with many of them additionally available in White, Brown, and Grey. All of our “Soft Durometer” or “SD” bumpers are only made of transparent, clear polyurethane.

Can Bumper Specialties convert sheets into smaller sizes?

Yes. We can die cut our bumper sheets into custom sheet dimensions to fit your needs. For example: Our BS-01 bumper profile comes standard in a sheet of 200 pieces with a layout of 10×20 bumpers. We can convert that to a sheet of 4 pieces with a layout of 2×2 bumpers. There are additional charges associated with this step, but by contacting us directly, we can explain in detail the costs for your specific project. Since prices can vary, please send us an email or give us a call for a more precise estimate.

Can Bumper Specialties make custom rubber bumpers?

Yes. Our engineers can design and manufacture unique bumper shapes and colors for you. Give us a call at 856-345-7696 or send us an email today!

Does Bumper Specialties offer custom bagging?

Yes. We can package the bumper pads in custom heat sealed bags for special packaging needs. We can also provide colored bags and can print a logo, barcode, or part number on them.

What specific packaging options do you offer for your self-adhesive bumpers?

We offer all of our parts in both box and single sheets depending on the amount of bumpers your need. These are both available on our website.


How do I apply self-adhesive rubber feet?

Clean the surface from any debris, oils and solvents with a mild solvent such as isopropyl alcohol. Then grasp bumper on the sides without touching the adhesive. Finally, press firmly into place on application surface. Bumper cannot be re-positioned without ruining the adhesive

Smaller Quantities

What is Bumper Specialties minimum order quantity?

Through our sales office, the minimum quantity that can be purchased is one box of any of our bumpers. Through the Product Page of our website, box or single sheet quantities can be purchased.

Technical Information

How much does a box of bumpers weigh and how many pieces are in a box?

The quantity and weight of a full box will vary depending on the shape and size of the bumper you have chosen. For the full list, check our Packing & Weight Info.

What are Bumper Specialties bumpers made of?

We use 100% polyurethane in all our products with no plasticizers or fillers in our parts. For the technical details, please check out our Polyurethane Info.

Which bumper adhesive will work best?

Please refer to our Resource Center page and click on the Adhesive Info to read a detailed comparison of the two adhesives we offer.

Bulk Ordering & Quantity Discounts

Do you offer quantity discounts for your rubber feet?

Absolutely. To take advantage of our special pricing options when buying bumpers in bulk, give our Sales Team a call at 856-345-7696 or send us an email.


Where can I find a local bumper distributor?

Bumper Specialties has distributors located throughout the world. We are represented in over 70 countries. Please email us or call our office, and we will connect you with one of our trusted bumper feet distributors.

Customer Questions


I am interested in purchasing your bumpers, but I would like to learn more about strength of the adhesive. Do you have any documentation regarding the testing of the adhesive for your bumpers?

All of our bumpers go through extensive testing and we have documentation to back up the strength and durability of our adhesive.

I am looking for a bumper with adhesive on both the top and bottom, suitable to adhere to acrylic on one end and a painted surface or plaster wall on the other. Do you have anything close to this specification?

We only offer the adhesive on the bottom of our bumpers which can adhere to many different surfaces.


I am looking for some replacement rubber feet for the bottom of macbooks, laptops, desktops, and LCD screens. Do you carry rubber feet for these because I have quite a few missing?

We offer various sized and shaped rubber feet that will fit well on many laptops, desktops, and LCD Screens. We recommend one of our square bumpers or cylindrical feet for these applications.

I am looking for self-adhesive non-skid rubber feet to be used on the bottom of a point of purchase (POP) display. Do you sell just a simple flat cylindrical disc whose specs are 3/4″ diameter and 1/4″ high?

We have an extensive line of cylindrical flat-topped rubber feet that can be used on this application. For the size that you are looking, our BS-44 would be your best option.

Which of your products is best for its anti-skid properties in a cutting board application? The feet will be subjected to a lot of horizontal shear forces on the intended product.  Also, will the best foot vary depend on the countertop surface, e.g. granite, marble, laminate, Corian, wood?

Our self-adhesive products work perfectly on all the substrates you have noted and are anti-skid parts. They are made of 100% Polyurethane will hold their properties well for horizontal sheer and within a dishwasher if the cutting board is exposed to water. We recommend either one of our flat-top cylindrical or square self-stick bumper feet for your cutting board. All of our bumper have the same properties and will work well to protect all types of surfaces. For more information, please contact us.

Customer Feedback

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