Custom Bumpers

Special Die-Cuts & Pad Sizes

We have the ability to die-cut and convert our rubber bumper pads as an additional service. The bumper sheet sizes listed are the standard offerings. Please contact us if you have any custom sheet conversion requests. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers with any special needs they might have.

  • Capable of converting our bulk sheets into smaller pads
  • Example: 200pcs/sheet can be cut to 4pcs/sheetrubber-bumper-pad-sizes
  • Allows for ease of handling for operators
  • Smaller size for DIY kit implementation
  • Manageable sizes
  • Exact number of bumpers for your end use product

Custom Shapes & Colors

Custom Shapes and Colors

With many years of experience in the industry, Bumper Specialties offers a versatile range of bumper shapes and sizes that will satisfy most needs. Even with this extensive product offering, we still have the capabilities to make any custom size and color to meet your requirements.

Our sales and engineering staff will thoroughly work with your company through the completion of your project. We welcome all custom requests and look forward to working with you on any unique needs you may have. Please note that creating a custom bumper may require a large minimum order and a one-time tooling charge based on the dimensions.

Bagging & Packaging

We provide our customers with special bagging and packaging options of our rubber bumpers to suit their needs and requests. Placing our bumpers in bags are ideal for kitting and custom branding which upgrades your total packaged product.

  • We can package and bag your bumpers
  • Customizable printing options for barcodes or logos
  • Colored and printed bags available
  • Small or large pads can be packaged
  • Please contact us for your needs

International Shipping

We pride ourselves on being able to provide service and delivery to countries around the world. If you are in need of self-adhesive rubber stops, our multilingual sales team will work closely with you to facilitate your order wherever you are located.

Self-Adfhesive Bumpers Shipped Internationally

  • Currently Ship our parts to over 70 Countries
  • Contact us for a bumper distributor in your country
  • Experience with international trading and shipping rules
  • Multilingual Sales Team
  • ROHS & WEEE Compliant, Lead free, UL Recognized