Rubber Feet on Cutting Boards

Our self-adhesive rubber feet are placed on the bottom of cutting boards in order to prevent them from scratching countertops and keeping the board from sliding.

Rubber Feet on Coasters

Our self-adhesive rubber feet are placed on the bottom of coasters in order to protect wood or glass tables from being damaged, as well as holding the coaster in place.

Cabinet Door Bumper Pad

Our self-stick rubber bumper pads are placed on the corners of cabinet doors for added protection, noise reduction and to extend the life of the cabinets.

Rubber Feet on Planters

Our self-adhesive rubber feet are placed on the bottom of planters to provide air-flow that prevents water from sitting underneath.

Laptop Rubber Feet

Our non-skid adhesive bumper feet can be applied to the bottom of laptops and other table top electronics to prevent them from skidding and scratching.

Rubber Bumper Protectors on Picture Frames

Our self-adhesive rubber bumper pads can be applied behind your picture frames to stabilize them and protect your wall from being damaged.

Bumper Feet on POP Displays

Our easy peel-off rubber bumpers can be placed on various table top and standalone POP displays for added protection and durability.

Glass Shelf and Table Rubber Spacer

Our self-adhesive rubber spacers can be used to protect glass shelves and tables from damage due to metal brackets and table legs.

Rubber Feet on Audio Equipment

Our self-stick rubber feet are placed on the bottom of speakers and subwoofers for added support and to avoid movement. They also assist in noise vibration control.

PCB Board Spacers

Our bumper spacers are used on PCB boards inside computers to avoid contact with other parts. They provide a critical barrier that helps keep sensitive components free of damaging heat build-up, short circuiting, vibration and board flexing in printed circuit boards.

Protective Rubber Door Stops

Our recessed self-adhesive rubber bumper stops can be used as door stoppers to protect walls from any type of damage when doors are opened.

Drawer with Clear Bumpers

Our self-stick bumper pads are placed on the corners of drawers for added protection and provide the quietest close extending the life of the drawers.