New Product for Cabinet Door Stops

14 Jun  

Bumper Specialties, Inc. is consistently adding new products to our already vast line of self-adhesive polyurethane bumpers. We would like to introduce our newest part: the BS-67SD, quietest Cabinet Bumper in the industry!

Soft Self-Stick Rubber Bumper - Clear BS67SD
BS-67SD Clear Bumper

This self adhesive bumper protector has been specifically engineered to provide the quietest close on any type of cabinet door. It has a unique conical tip which perfectly distributes the rate of energy from the cabinet door closure and allows for a soft and quiet close.

Our customers in the kitchen cabinet industry have added the BS-67SD to their lines, and the part has been tested with a high success rate for kitchen cabinets and cupboard door protection.  The BS-67SD is only available in clear, so it is nearly invisible when applied to the surface of a cabinet door. Contact Us today to request more information about our latest Polyurethane Bumper Stops.


Use Bumper Specialties, Inc.’s Clear Self-Adhesive Cabinet Bumpers to Protect Furniture!

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