Rubber Feet Like to Party!

23 May  

Bumper Specialties rubber feet are getting ready to kick off summer in a fun way! Our bumper feet are not only used to protect everyday products like cabinet doors and picture frames, they can cut loose and have amusing purposes as well. Our small rubber feet are stuck on a fun drinking device called the Party Bomber. We guarantee it will be the center of attention for any summer party or barbecue.

Party Bumper with Rubber Feet
Party Bumper with Rubber Feet

The Party Bomber is a way to mix, bomb, and serve multiple drinks at once. Great for Jäger bombs, sake bombs, cherry bombs, or any other favorite. You can even use it to concoct mixed drinks. Just call your shot, and fill a pint glass with your favorite mix, press the button, and BOOM! Four drinks ready to go! Watch this video and see the Party Bomber in action:

You don’t need to worry about spilling your beverages all over the counter. Our self adhesive rubber feet applied to the bottom of the acrylic Party Bomber prevents skidding or sliding. You can thank rubber feet for minimizing party fouls by the Party Bomber, but we make no promises about you or your friends.

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