Bumper Frame Protectors: The Hidden but Important Picture Frame Accessory

06 Nov  

Choosing the right framed artwork or print is tough, but placing self-adhesive rubber bumper pads on the frame is simple. By adding these rubber bumper pads to your frame, your walls will be protected from any marks or scratches. These anti-skid frame bumpers also stop your frames from sliding and keep them level. You also may notice that after applying these rubber frame protectors the dust and dirt shadows that would normally be found around the frame will be limited. Our products are not only used for hanging artwork but our rubber bumper feet can be used to protect glass artwork and other DIY projects. Keep in mind these rubber pads can also be used on other applications in your home, including cabinets, coasters, cutting boards and furniture. The applications are endless!

Rubber Bumper Pads on Picture Frames
Rubber Bumper Pads on Picture Frames

We all know that decorating your home can be a daunting task, but it also can be a fun activity. Everyone has their own style and vision of how they want each room in their home to look. Nothing does more for room space than filling the walls with framed artwork, family photos, or prints. Whatever your preference is, there are various options for you. You can choose from a standard wooden or metal picture frame to canvas, metal, or acrylic prints. Again having rubber bumper pads on frames will ensure it will remain flush on the wall. The artwork you choose in your family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms is what you make it, so let’s get to it!

Tips & Tricks for Hanging Your Picture Frames!

Steps to Hanging a Picture Frame

  1. Find the right location for your framed picture and center it.
  2. Measure and mark the wall to where you want the picture to be placed.
  3. Choose the right fasteners to hang the picture.
  4. Install the fastener used to hang the picture.
  5. Place self-adhesive rubber bumper pads to the bottom corners on the back of the frame before hanging.
  6. Hang your work of art or family photo!
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