The Timelessness of Bumper Feet

12 Aug  

In an ever changing and unpredictable market, we’re very proud to continually meet the needs of current trends. Over the past 25 years that Bumper Specialties has been in business, we’ve seen many products become obsolete. Luckily for us, we’ve never had a shortage of new and emerging technologies that would benefit from our rubber stops. We’re no longer used on tape decks or cd players, but our rubber stops are found on iPod docks. Bumper feet are no longer needed on typewriters, but we are on computer keyboards and laptops. We used to be on VCRs (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), and now bumper feet can be found on an endless list of audio and video equipment.

We’ve seen products that use bumper feet come and go…but we are not concerned about bumpers ever going out of style because just as quickly as products meet their demise, new technologies emerge.

Bumper Feet on iPod Dock
Bumpers Past and Present

Many of our applications have gradually transformed over time. The clock on the mantle needed rubber feet just as much as your docking station alarm clock. Though the apparatus on which we tell time changed, the need for rubber feet did not.

Rubber Bumpers on Laptops
Rubber Bumpers on Laptops

Many customers call in looking for replacement rubber feet for their laptops because the original ones fell off. We have a variety of rubber pads for laptops that will match the existing rubber feet whether you have a PC or an Apple. Typewriters utilized rubber feet the same way your laptop does. It lifts the equipment to sustain airflow and prevent overheating, and the anti-skid technology prevents it from scratching surfaces.

Bumper Feet on Phones
Rubber Feet on Telephones

The popular rotary phone transformed into the present day telephone, but rubber feet survived the transformation! To the cell phone obsessed, landline telephones may seem a thing of the past, but don’t discount their relevancy, offices and homes still use desktop telephones – which still need rubber feet!

As the present collides with the future, new products needing rubber feet materialize. If you know of or own a product that would benefit from our rubber bumper feet, let us know!

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