Bumper Feet as Framing Accessories

22 Oct  

Bumper Specialties bumpers have a lot of applications in various industries, globally, including cabinet door stops, picture frame corner protectors, and cutting board feet to iPod dock speakers, laptop rubber feet, and other electronics, we here at Bumper Specialties never cease to be amazed by some of the creative and unique uses for our Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet.

In this blog post, we would like to feature one of our customers who, we believe, has found a very interesting application on which to use our bumpers. Based in New York City,

Bumpers on Aluminyze Photos
Bumpers on Aluminyze Photos

 has come up with an awesome idea. They can take any picture, and infuse it into aluminum! The lightweight, durable, and beautiful image that results can be mounted directly on the wall without the use of any type of frame. Along with the “Wall Float”, Aluminyze also offers “Easel” and “Acrylic Pedestal” fixture options.

The bumper stops protect the wall behind the Aluminyzed Photos when mounted. Because these bumper pads do not contain plasticizers, oils, or fillers, they won’t mar, scratch, or stain any surface, to prevent damage on the walls. The same bumpers are used for pictures in frames, too. Don’t forget! If you want to keep your walls free from damage, always use Rubber Feet to the lift the sharp edges of picture frames away from your walls.

Whether you’re hanging a photo of your kids from the holidays or overseeing the world’s largest art gallery, you’re going to need a picture frame that doesn’t damage the wall behind it. Our rubber bumper feet are perfect for keeping your picture frames in place. They act as a protective barrier between the sharp edges of the frame and the easily damaged wall beneath it. Don’t compromise on quality. Make sure you’re protected by Bumper Specialties.

While we have years of experience working with companies in the custom framing and framing accessories industries, we’re excited to see how Aluminyze is changing the game. Their frameless aluminum pictures are both simple and sophisticated. What could be better? See these stylish creations for yourself at on their website and order one today!

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