Rubber Feet for POP Displays

03 Sep  

Rubber feet are applied in retail store displays for protection, especially on Point of Purchase displays (POP). Bumper Specialties rubber feet grip the display to make sure it stays firmly in place without slipping or sliding.  Since our rubber feet are 100% polyurethane, they will not stain or scuff any surface.

POP Display Rubber Feet
Bumper feet used to protect retail POP displays

Bumper Specialties products are most popular on acrylic displays. We offer clear rubber feet so they do not detract from the display itself. Our clear bumpers are nearly invisible when applied to an acrylic POP display.

WL Concepts creates retail displays with our rubber feet. WL Concepts has an impressive portfolio collection featuring POP displays for The North Face, Macy’s, and The Disney Store. They create custom designs and displays, graphics, and even trade show exhibits, which all utilize rubber bumper feet for protection. Bumper Specialties is proud to work with fellow United States manufactures like WL Concepts!

Rubber Feet on Picture Frame
Bumper feet protect POP – Photos (above, below) courtesy of WL Concepts
Picture Frame Bumper Feet
Bumper feet protect Acrylic Display
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