Rubber Feet Prolong Your Laptops Lifespan

20 Aug  
Laptop Rubber Feet
Laptop Rubber Feet

Rubber feet on the bottom of your laptop are as important as the hard drive and monitor!  Well, maybe that is not so true, but they are critical and greatly contribute to your computer’s health.  When laptops run, they create heat.  To prevent them from overheating, laptop rubber feet raise and elevate the laptop enough from the tabletop surface to allow an air flow.  Without bumpers, laptops can overheat, causing it to shut off automatically, freeze, and even damage your computer battery.

Sometimes, the factory issued rubber laptop feet on the bottom of laptops fall off.  Luckily, Bumper Specialties laptop replacement feet are easy to apply and stay secured.  Just peel them like a sticker, and place them on the bottom of your laptop, easy as that!  No screws or glue are required.  Replacing your laptop feet is easy!

People use our replacement rubber feet for some of the largest laptop manufactures in the world.  They are used for replacement on HP laptop rubber feet, Toshiba laptop rubber feet, Lenovo laptop rubber feet, Asus laptop rubber feet, Sony laptop rubber feet, Acer laptop rubber feet, and Dell laptop rubber feet.  Our most popular choices come from our cylindrical bumper line.  Our Hemispherical and Square rubber feet are popular options too.

For Macbook Pro replacement feet, we manufacture a similar bumper to those that originally came on the Apple laptop.  Our laptop replacement feet are similar dimensions to existing Macbook rubber feet.  They are easy to apply with our special self adhesive backing.  Here is a detailed video we found that shows how to replace feet on a Macbook.

As a manufacturer we sell our rubber feet in bulk, but we have smaller quantities available on our website with a single sheet option.  Bumper Specialties has authorized distributors  throughout the world that can help you find your replacement laptop feet.

Bumper Specialties has a broad range of rubber feet so you can be sure to find one that suites your laptop best!

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