Keep Your Soap Dry While Avoiding the Slide

30 Sep  

The décor of bathrooms constantly changes, but our self-adhesive rubber feet can still be found on various bathroom items in homes and hotels. These rubber feet can be seen on soap dishes, lotion dispensers, and toothbrush and tissue holders. Our rubber bumper pads also protect bathroom cabinet doors from any damage caused from frequent usage.

Soap Dispenser with Bumpers

Choosing the Best Soap Dish for Your Bathroom

Are you tired of constantly replacing and cleaning up after using a bar of soap? There is a solution to this frustrating problem. This soap dish will keep your bar of soap dry and help it last longer. This particular soap dish is made from powder-coated aluminum and has pyramidal studs that allow airflow underneath your soap.

Rubber feet on Ampersand Punk Soap Dish
Rubber feet on Soap Dish
Ampersand Punk Soap Dish
 Soap Dish with Bumpers

This durable soap dish also has four of our BS-34 black self-adhesive cylindrical rubber feet at the bottom to prevent scratching and slipping. If you are looking to brighten up your sink or shower, it comes in five different colors.

Rubber Feet on Bathroom Items

Our rubber feet can be placed on many different types of bathroom accessories to make sure that your expensive countertops, sinks, and shower doors are protected. Next time you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands, check out your bathroom items to see if they have rubber feet on them.


Rubber Feet on Bathroom Items
Rubber Feet on Bathroom Items


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