Ready or Not, Robots Are Coming and They Have Rubber Feet!

15 Sep  

When new and exciting technology comes out there is a good chance they will have rubber feet on them. These rubber feet can be used as protectors and stabilizers for the product. Our rubber bumper feet are timeless and continue to meet the needs of current and future trends.

Rubber Feet on Kubi
Kubi by Revolve Robotics

The Future of Video Calling

Looking for a more efficient way of communicating with a coworker, healthcare professional, or a teacher? You are in luck because the team at Revolve Robotics has something for you. They have developed the “Kubi,” which is a portable video conferencing robotic tablet stand. The Kubi converts these tablets into web controlled telepresence robots that allow you to navigate around any location. This tablet-based robotic platform improves video calling with remote control movement. The Kubi app has the ability to work with Skype, Facetime, Gotomeeting, Webex, and many others. Online classes, going on business trips, and speaking with your healthcare professional has become a lot easier thanks to the Revolve Robotics team.

Rubber Feet on Robots

We are excited to see that our rubber feet will be used on a robotic tablet stand. At the bottom of each stand there are our BS-41 gray cylindrical self-adhesive rubber feet to keep the product from moving. Our rubber feet are essential in making sure that the Kubi does not make any unnecessary movements due to its tilting, panning, and turning capabilities.

BS-41 Gray Cylindrical Rubber Feet on Kubi
BS-41 Gray Cylindrical Rubber Feet on Kubi
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