Bumper Feet on Barbecue

We are always proud of the fact that our bumper feet are manufactured in the USA.  The Fourth of July is right around the corner; all you need is a hot dog, a cold drink, and a nice body of water to bronze yourself next to. While you’re enjoying your picnic this year, take a…

Coaster Bumper Feet

Rubber feet protect your coasters, and coasters protect your table tops! Bumper Specialties rubber bumper feet have many applications, including rubber feet for coasters.  This particular application is most popular with granite, glass, and ceramic coasters.  Our bumper stops strongly adhere to the bottom surface of the coaster to keep the coaster from slipping or sliding…

USB Typewriter with Bumpers

It’s a computer!  It’s a typewriter!  It’s BOTH! Got an old typewriter lying around the attic or garage, gathering dust?  Progressive technology left these typewriters—once imperative to business and education—to do nothing except take up space….until now!   The USB Typewriter combines new age technology with a classic touch.  USB Typewriters are perfect for those of you…