Rubber feet on The USB Typewriter

16 May  
USB Typewriter with Bumpers
USB Typewriter with Bumpers

It’s a computer!  It’s a typewriter!  It’s BOTH!

Got an old typewriter lying around the attic or garage, gathering dust?  Progressive technology left these typewriters—once imperative to business and education—to do nothing except take up space….until now!   The USB Typewriter combines new age technology with a classic touch.  USB Typewriters are perfect for those of you that miss tapping away on an older QWERTY.  This typewriter can attach to your 21st century screen, MAC or PC, tablet, or iPad.

The USB Typewriter gives old typewriters new meaning in this digital era, but also sells Do-It-Yourself conversion kits so you can turn your own beloved typewriter into a USB Typewriter.  These machines still fully function as “ink-on-paper” typewriters, but also electronically record keystrokes which make them compatible with your computer, tablet, or iPad.

In this instance, our rubber feet electrically isolate the circuit board on the side of the machine, so it doesn’t touch the metal typewriter frame.  This retro product gives a new application for our rubber bumper feet.  We are glad to be affiliated with inventive and unique products like the USB Typewriter.

Check out Bumper Specialties and USB Typewriter on Youtube!

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