Keep the Party Bumping

01 Jul  

We are always proud of the fact that our bumper feet are manufactured in the USA.  The Fourth of July is right around the corner; all you need is a hot dog, a cold drink, and a nice body of water to bronze yourself next to. While you’re enjoying your picnic this year, take a moment to notice the rubber bumper pads around the party. (Because they are definitely more exciting than fireworks!)

Bumper Feet on Barbecue
This grill uses protective rubber feet.

On your quest looking for our products, you may find them being used to protect your barbecue, which is one of our many outdoor bumpon applications. Collapsible shelves and doors on the grill are equipped with rubber bumpons for sound dampening and vibration resistance. After all, you want the party to be loud, not the slamming of the grill. If you take grilling very seriously, you’ll want to ensure that your equipment stays in mint condition. The precious grilling atmosphere that you’ve created won’t be interrupted by unnecessary noise. Our products prevent your grill from succumbing to wear and tear by serving as protective stops.

Glass Table Protective Rubber Bumpons
Glass Table Protective Rubber Bumpers

Grills are not the only outdoor application; bumpons are used on glass patio furniture as a buffer between the glass and the table frame. The bumper feet prevent the glass from getting cracked or scratched. Your outdoor furniture will last longer so that the party never has to end.  And you shouldn’t be concerned about inclement weather; self-adhesive polyurethane bumpons can withstand all climates.

We may not have red and blue color options, but we do have white, clear, grey, black and brown bumpons available. You can check out our full line on our website. From all of us here at Bumper Specialties, have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Grill with Rubber Bumper Pads
Grill using rubber bumper pads.
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