Made in USA Stamp

As we celebrate Independence Day, Bumper Specialties would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that all our bumper stops are proudly manufactured in the USA! Bumper Specialties is proud to be an American manufacturer of rubber feet since our founding in 1989.   Our entire line of bumper stops are made in-house at our 100,000…

Bumper Specialties Fall Decorations

If you thought Hurricane Sandy was frightening, you should see Bumper Specialties Haunted Halloween Office!! Our office was closed on Monday 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30 because of the extreme weather in our area. We are glad to report no damages and we are back to business as usual. As you can see from the photos,…

Global Customer Service for Our Bumpers

See How a Serious Setback was Solved with a Simple Solution Not long ago, a customer of ours, a European manufacturer of high-end espresso machines contacted us!  They had been buying one of our square black bumper feet for their coffee makers for a while and had never had any problems… until now. The company…