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07 Aug  

See How a Serious Setback was Solved with a Simple Solution

Not long ago, a customer of ours, a European manufacturer of high-end espresso machines contacted us!  They had been buying one of our square black bumper feet for their coffee makers for a while and had never had any problems… until now. The company was expanding, and with a brand new facility and all new staff on board, the last thing they wanted to have to deal with was a bumper that won’t stick.

After explaining their dilemma to us, we got to work right away to find a solution for their unique problem. We know that our bumper adhesive should not fail like that, so something had to be wrong with the customer’s process. We tested our parts here in the factory. We checked through our inventory and through all the lots that we had run. Everything was exactly as it should be. It was time for a plane ride and to visit our customer in person.

Our customer greeted us warmly when we arrived and shown around their new manufacturing facility. We watched workers on assembly lines unpack boxes of our bumpers, ready to affix them to the appliances on their way. What happened next made our jaws drop.

Workers picked up the bumper sheets and quickly began removing the stoppers, one after another, not to place them on the coffee machines, but rather on their arms. As the coffee makers came down the line, the workers were pulling the bumpers off their arms and sticking a few of them onto the bottom of each appliance. Finally we knew why the adhesive on our bumpers was failing on their products. They were applying them incorrectly!

We immediately explained to our customer why this way of applying the bumpers wouldn’t work and instructed them on How to Apply Rubber Bumper Stops the right way. We explained that the bumpers must go directly from their sheet to the application, without touching skin or any other surface.  When storing bumpers, we told them, keep them at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Today, this company continues to buy our products and is happier than ever.  We are just glad we could help them with their problem. They haven’t had a single issue with using our bumpers since then.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and if you have an issue, we will work with you until a solution is found. If necessary, we will travel and meet you in person to rectify any concerns you may have. This is what sets us apart from the competition. We have the knowledge and expertise from our years in the bumper business and will follow through until you are completely satisfied.

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