Rubber Bumper Feet to Protect Glass Artwork

26 Nov  

In this post, we would like to highlight some unique applications of our Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet. While our clear bumper protectors can be found on glass tables and glass shelving, windows and doors, and even on glass cutting boards and coasters, we feel the need to take this moment to recognize some decorative applications that use our clear rubber feet on beautiful glass art. The glass artwork industry is a fascinating one, to be sure, and creations as delicate as those produced by such highly skilled glass artists deserve every protection available to them. That’s where our protective rubber bumpers come in.

With customers in the glass industry around the world, we at Bumper Specialties understand the level of protection these precious works of art require. Our stick on Rubber Bumper Feet are designed and manufactured to protect both the applications to which they’re applied and the surfaces on which they are placed. Bumper Specialties Inc.’s clear glass artwork rubber feet protectors will never scratch, stain, or mar any surface – especially glass! As if that wasn’t enough, our clear bumpers are nearly invisible when placed on glass, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of these pieces without distraction. Take a look at some of our favorite applications in the glass artwork industry. These are artists from all over the world that use Bumper Specialties’ protective feet for their precious glass art.

Adam Waimon Blown and Carved Glass

Glass Artwork with Rubber Feet
Glass Artwork with Rubber Feet –

Maori Boy Glassware

Glass Plate Stands
Glassware with Bumper Protection –

Woodbridge Hill Glass

Woodbridge Hill Glass Artwork
Woodbridge Hill Glass Artwork –

Echo Lake Glass

Echo Lake Glass
Echo Lake Glass
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