Allow A Softer Close With Cabinet Doors Bumpers

21 Jun  

Bumper Specialties: Industry leader in cabinet door protection


Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers
Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers


Cabinet door stops rank as one of Bumper Specialties most popular applications.  It’s amazing how certain sounds can make you cringe: your beeping alarm clock, a blaring car horn, and yes, the awful sound a cabinet makes when it slams shut!  Lucky for you, we have engineered the best sound dampening cabinet door stops in the industry.  We designed our bumper stoppers with a softer durometer than the rest of our standard line to help cushion the door close. This provides our customers with a silent close and not that rattling smack!

Cabinet Bumper DrawingYou can find our door bumpers on kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets.  Some cabinets use screw in bumpers or threaded plastic feet, but they have higher labor and machinery costs.  Instead, our door stops are easy to apply, just peel of the back and stick on the inside corner of the cabinet to buffer the door from the cabinet frame—it will strongly adhere to the door with no extra work for you.  Furthermore, Bumper Specialties uses 100% polyurethane to make our rubber cabinet door stops, which is a higher quality compared to cork stops and foam pads.  Try our cabinet bumpers and hear the difference in your home too!

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