Bumper Stops for Large Projects or Small Inventors

25 Jun  

Kickstarter facilitates inventors and entrepreneurs getting their products up and running.  They help entrepreneurs raise money to get their products to the market.  Kickstarter has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund thousands of creative projects.

Our Bumper Specialties blog also supports inventive products that use our bumper stops.  We support start-up companies design useful and innovative projects that may need bumper stops for extra protection.  We usually get involved when designers are putting the finishing touches on their products and need rubber feet for sound dampening or spacing.  When the Kickstarter project “The mPrinter” needed rubber feet to prevent sliding and skidding, they chose Bumper Specialties bumper stops.

Bumper Feet on Small Printers
Bumper Feet on Small Printers – The mPrinter

The mPrinter is a small printer that uses thermal printing to produce small snippets of information, called “mPrints” from either a WiFi or USB connection.  mPrinter can print just about anything—including HTML, text, pictures, or even “custom hosted” Java Script.

mPrinter with Rubber Feet
The mPrinter proudly displaying their bumper feet!

In addition to providing quality bumper stops to small start ups like mPrinter, Bumper Specialties manufactures millions of rubber feet a day.  As a manufacturer of bumper stops, we can supply large companies’ high volume of rubber feet.  We make it simple for customers that have an increasing bumper demand and need to buy rubber feet in bulk.  Even with these large volume orders, we have short lead times and better logistic options because we manufacture on site.   This means our sales representatives can constantly communicate their customer’s needs with our plant managers almost instantly.  Bumper Specialties is ready to supply and help when a small invention grows into a popular product!

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