And the Oscar Goes To…Rubber Bumper Feet

04 Mar  

This year at the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence tripped, Brad Pitt ate a slice of pizza, and Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie that broke Twitter. However, amidst all the glitz and glamour, Bumper Specialties was only concerned with one thing: Are there non-slip rubber feet on those pretty gold Academy Award statues? Were our bumpers in the hands of (gasp!) Matthew McConaughey?

As the rich and famous bumped shoulders with their peers, we were thinking of our own bumpers. If our self adhesive protectors were indeed on Oscar, he would definitely have been voted Best Dressed based on his amazing accessories.

Bumper Feet At The Oscars
Please tilt Oscar so we can see if the bottom has bumpers!

Some quick investigative work revealed these statistics about Oscar:

Height: 13.5”
Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Number of Awards Ever Presented: 2,809
Number of Rubber Feet: UNKNOWN (we’d suggest placing 4 rubber feet on the bottom of your award)

Clearly the Academy is unaware that without bumpers applied to Oscar, he could slip, slide, and crash into all of Meryl’s other awards. If the Academy did call us to outfit Oscar, we’d suggest our BS-40 rubber bumper because it is small, inconspicuous, and destined for the stage. The biggest snub of the evening was the supposed lack of bumper feet!

One rubber bumper user that specializes in trophy and award production is SD Trophy in California. With a variety ranging from Artistic Glass Awards, Achievement Acrylic Awards, and Clear Optical Crystal Awards, they’ll provide you with top quality on any award application.

Our rubber feet appear on the bottoms of trophies and awards for a non-slip grip on any surface. SD Trophy sells beautiful awards, so it is important to utilize rubber protectors to ensure both the award and the surface it’s displayed on are protected from scuffing or marring.

More information can be found about applying bumper feet to glass artwork, but meanwhile, check out this gorgeous acrylic award by SD Trophy.


Rubber Feet on Awards
One of SD Trophy’s Acrylic Awards
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