Class Up Your Glass on St. Patrick’s Day

13 Mar  

Bumper Specialties is a worldwide manufacturer of rubber feet, so we like to embrace the cultures and holidays of our customers from around the world. The ever-popular Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, has been adopted by the US to celebrate food, fun, and your Irish heritage.

We are jealous of St. Patrick’s revered spot in history because his legend has withstood the test of time both religiously and culturally. One thing is certain, we would have loved to share a pint of Guinness with St. Patrick – gain some insight on what the world was like in the 5th century.

One company that puts the class back into your glass is Cirrus Products. Bumper Specialties loves them because like us, all of their manufacturing is done in the United States, and also because their products can only be described as swanky.

Rubber Feet on Ice Maker
Rubber Feet on Ice Ball Maker by Cirrus Products

While you’re enjoying an Irish whiskey this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t let your drink be diluted by sub-par ice cubes. We are obsessed with their flagship product, the Ice Ball Press. Designed to create a spherical 6 oz. ice ball (allowing for the slowest dilution rate), your expensive whiskey will be impervious to dilution. Their ice balls last through multiple drinks so you won’t have to un-stick yourself from your recliner to go to the kitchen.

Rubber Feet and Cirrus Products
Cirrus Ice Ball in action

And yes, you guessed it, they use our self-adhesive rubber feet on their product to ensure that the surface it sits on is protected from scratching or marring. Our bumper feet applied to their product also prevent skidding and sliding – especially important when expensive whiskey is involved. We are always excited when a unique company utilizes our bumper products.

So whether you’re looking forward to those green Jell-o shots or mom’s famous Irish soda bread, make sure you thank St. Patrick for this holiday.

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