Are You Ready for Some Bumpers?

20 Sep  

Protect Your TV with the Strongest Armor!

We are excited for the start of another grueling football season! Bumper Specialties is located outside of Philadelphia and we can appreciate passionate football fans that get excited when their team is winning and upset (that’s an understatement) when their team is losing.

Emotions can get the best of any big sports fan when watching a game, but taking the proper precautions is necessary to shield your television from very passionate fans. While watching the game wings and pizza can go flying and drinks can splash during a touchdown celebration. Also, it is not uncommon for someone to ‘accidentally’ throw a remote because of a bad call or play.

Cracked TV
This cracked TV needed protection from TV Armor!

Do you have these types of fans in your home? If so, take a look at the quality products by TV Armor. They manufacture various sized TV Screen Protectors and TV Screen Enclosures to protect your TV from damage, theft and the elements. Just like our self-adhesive rubber bumpers, TV Armor’s TV Screen Protectors are Made in USA. Our BS-06 clear self-adhesive rubber bumper pads are placed on each corner of the TV Screen Protectors and act as a spacer between the protective shield and TV. Our self-adhesive rubber feet are also placed on bottom of TV’s and monitors for tabletop protection.

TV Armor TV Protector with Self-Adhesive Bumpers
TV Armor TV Protector with Self-Adhesive Bumpers

TV Armor’s Custom HDTV Screen Enclosures are designed to prevent access and damage to the TV in an indoor or outdoor environment, including sporting venues, high traffic areas, hospitals, and school gymnasiums.

Enjoy the season without missing any of the action because of a broken or damaged TV! The die-hard football fans will thank you.

TV Armor HDTV Screen Enclosure
TV Armor HDTV Screen Enclosure


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