Bon Voyage! Bumpers Shipped Out to Sea!

30 Jun  
Not Your Ordinary Bumper Boat
Not Your Ordinary Bumper Boat! Photo Credit:

Summer’s in full swing! People will be relaxing, cruising or fishing on their boats and yachts. Whether you have a small boat or luxury yacht, you will be sure to have a blast with your friends and family celebrating our country’s Independence Day.

Self-Stick Bumper Pads on Yachts

Self-Adhesive Bumpers Inside Yachts
How many self-adhesive bumpers are on this beautiful luxury yacht?

If you are lucky enough to own a house boat or yacht, you treat it like a second home. The obvious difference is your yacht rocks in the water making it difficult to keep objects on the boat from sliding and falling when in motion. Just like your home, yachts have self-adhesive rubber bumpers on countless applications, but on your yacht you need to expand your bumper usage. Self-stick bumper pads can be used as sound dampeners on cabinets in the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. This will prevent them from being damaged and making a loud slamming noise when closed. The bumper applications on your boat or yacht are endless.

Rattle Reducing Bumper on Bow Rider Windshield
Bumpers Used on Boat’s Windshield

Even if your boat does not have a cabin or living quarters, the deck still needs a lot of protection. Fishing boats, bowriders and even catamarans have many hatches and storage compartments that use our self-adhesive bumpers. In these types of applications they will prevent slamming and extra movement. Our BS-19 large square black bumper is a rattle reducer on the windshield of an open bow walk through. When walking through this opening, a bumper is placed on the small window to prevent it from slamming into the windshield it is hinged upon. We use a high quality aggressive acrylic adhesive for outdoor applications. If your boat has our bumpers on it you are in for a nice quiet ride (with the exception of a cigarette boat!) LOL!

As a proud USA manufacturer we would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July!

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