Should you sit or should you stand?

23 Jan  

(This blog was written standing up using a Stand Up Desk with self-adhesive rubber furniture bumpers)

Are you feeling the effects of sitting too much at your desk during work? The constant hunching over or slouching can cause discomfort in your back and neck. The simple solution to these potential health issues is to acquire a stand up desk that can easily be adjusted from a sitting to a standing position. These stand up desks will improve your health and comfort by creating an active work space while giving you better posture.

Stand Up Desk
Stand Up Desk

Benefits of Using Stand Up Desk

  1. Reduces Back Pain & Disc Damage
  2. Prevents Neck Strain
  3. Improves Mood and Energy Levels
  4. Increases Productivity
  5. Reduces Risk of Obesity

Furniture Bumper Feet

We sell to many companies that are innovators in the office furniture industry. Stand up desks have self-adhesive furniture feet on them that are used to provide support to the desk itself. There are bumpers to cushion the movement and create stability when the desk is adjusted for sitting or standing positions.

Our furniture rubber bumpers can be found throughout your office as spacers for glass tabletops, drawer stops, laptop feet, network equipment, printers, and many more. They provide stability and protection that will prolong the life of your furniture.

Just like the flexibility of these stand up desks, our furniture rubber pads are extremely versatile and can be used on many applications!

Whether you rather sit or stand, our bumpers are hard at work.


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