So Much Schiit Uses Rubber Feet

02 Apr  

Our polyurethane bumpers are used on audio components to provide vibration resistance and allow air flow into the units. From protecting portable iPod docks to high end speakers, rubber feet on audio equipment are essential for optimal functionality. Bumper Specialties offers a variety of replacement rubber feet for speakers. If you’re looking for something a little bulkier with more durability, our BS-17 is perfect for subwoofer applications.

For something a little more discreet, we have small hemispherical rubber spacers that are used by companies like Schiit Audio. Schiit is an audio equipment manufacturing company that specializes in headphone amplifiers, so yes; you can finally get the optimum use out of your Beats headphones.

They’ve also perfected the art of producing an affordable, sophisticated product with genius marketing.

Rubber Feet on Audio Equipment
Rubber Feet on Schiit Audio Equipment

They certainly caught our attention with their witty quips, but their clever marketing (did you notice the Norse mythology references?) is only secondary to their amazing products.

I know you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way I could afford this Schiit,” but their prices are fair and their products are built to last. Magni, one of their high output headphone amps, is the only product of its kind under $100 in the United States.

BS-22 Bumper Feet on-Audio-Equipment
BS-22 Bumper Feet on Schiit Magni Amp

Schiit is also made in the USA – and thus our love affair was cemented in eternity.

Schiit uses state of the art technology to produce the purest sound for their customers, and we are proud that our amplifier feet are an integral part of that production. If you have amplifier needs, make sure you check this Schiit out.

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