Exercise with Some Rubber Bumper Feet

19 Jan  

It’s the beginning of the New Year and you are motivated to reach your fitness goals. You have chosen the right workout plan, and now it’s time to hit those machines, run on that treadmill, or lift those weights.

Fitness Equipment with Rubber Bumpers
Fitness Equipment with Rubber Bumpers

Rubber Feet on Exercise Equipment

Whether you prefer to go to a local gym or work out at home, there is a strong chance the equipment you are using has self-adhesive rubber bumper feet on them. They can be seen on treadmills, universal gyms, and unique specialty equipment. These rubber bumper feet play a pivotal role in balancing the machine, protecting the surface it sits on, and adding extra support during intensive use. Bumper pads can also be seen on some locker room cabinet doors to protect them from slamming at your local gym or fitness facility.

Using the Proper Equipment is Half the Battle

Looking for the right equipment to bring you to the next level? Mercury and Thor Fitness Products is dedicated to providing unique equipment to all athletes that require speed and strength training to excel at their sport, or just to stay in great physical condition. Their goal is to help you obtain your fitness goals by providing unique, effective equipment. Their equipment is used for various forms landmine and grappler training at many CrossFit and specialty gyms. Each one of their Grappler Floor Bases has several of our BS-30 black self-adhesive rubber bumper feet on them for added balance and stability. These rubber feet also provide protection for the surface it is on.

Double Grappler with Rubber Feet
Double Grappler with Rubber Feet

Your keys to success and achieving your fitness goals are to work hard, be disciplined, and stay focused no matter what routine you choose!

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