NEW Self-Adhesive Bumper Now Available – BS28

03 Dec  

Bumper Specialties is proud to introduce its newest addition to the already successful Bumper family, the BS-28 cylindrical self-stick bumper. Measuring .718”(18.2mm) Diameter by .600” (15.2mm) height, it stands tall and wide and suits a number of your difficult application needs.

Self-Adhesive Bumper Foot - Clear BS28
Self-Adhesive Bumper Foot – Clear BS28

This new revolutionary product was originally designed for the automotive industry, but like the versatility of all of our bumpers, it can be used in a myriad of other applications.

BS-28 Line Drawing

Available in our transparent Clear, it will blend in to any surface it is applied to with any background color. We have also the color black to be used on electronics. Being made of our proprietary 100% Polyurethane material, its size will fill applications that need a strong dense product. It is Equivalent to the 3M SJ-5514 Bumpon™ in its dimensions and can substitute as a more favorable cost positioned item. Contact your sales representative today for some samples or any questions you may have.


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