Our Bumpers Protect Medical Devices While The Device Protects You!

01 Apr  

We have told you many times that our Bumpers are found everywhere and that holds true even in the medical space. Keeping respirators balanced correctly and scales measuring properly, our self-adhesive bumpers play a strong role in maintaining medical equipment at its optimal level. As complex as a medical device can be, without our stick-on feet, all the parts will not function together correctly.

Our Self-Stick Bumpers Can Be Found The Following Medical Devices:

Portable Oxygen Machines | Dental Trays

X-Ray Machines | Acute Care Testing

Medical Device Battery Charging Bases | Scales

Syringe Pumps | Microscopes

Respiratory Equipment | Surgical Training Equipment

Defibrillators | Ventilators

Medical Cabinets | Hospital Beds

Portable Oxygen Machines | Cpap Machines

Surgical Instrument Trays | Centrifuge Machines

You can also find our bumpers on unique applications that play a role in the healthcare industry in novel ways. A virtual sky ceiling can boost the morale and mood of patients in hospitals and doctors’ offices, as well as portable video conferencing robotic tablet stands to assist in providing virtual medical advice to patients and other medical professionals. Our bumpers will protect the device while the device protects you!

Sky Factory Luminous Sky Ceiling – Photo Credit: Sky Factory
Sky Factory Luminous Sky Ceiling – Photo Credit: Sky Factory


Rubber Feet on Kubi
Rubber Feet on Kubi
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