Oh, the Places Bumpers Go!

07 May  
Rubber Feet in Nevis
Bumper feet relaxing on the beach in the West Indies – Four Seasons in Nevis

Bumper feet like to vacation in style; that’s why you can find our rubber grips in luxury hotels all over the world. Hotels provide all the essentials: a bed, a toilet, a safe, a telephone, and of course, bumper feet. The pictures featured in this blog are from the beautiful hotels that use our rubber feet.

Bumpers in Seychelles Suite
Bumper feet are used throughout this hotel room – Four Seasons, Seychelles

On your next vacation, as you settle into your hotel suite and acquaint yourself with the mini bar snacks, take a peek around the room. Can you spot the bumper feet? Look behind the door; the rubber stop protecting the handle from hitting the wall – that’s us. Lift up the telephone and look on the bottom, those bumper feet grip the tabletop so the phone doesn’t slide off. The safe where you’re keeping your passport and jewelry also has bumper feet on the bottom. The desk with the glass top has rubber spacers between the wood and the glass to protect the veneer of the wood. The picture frames use bumper feet to stay level and protect the wall from scratches. The acrylic display announcing the HBO movies and room service menu has bumper feet, check them out while you order overpriced mac & cheese. Bumper feet allow for the perfect placement of objects all around the hotel room including cabinetry, soap trays, sliding doors, iPod docks, and furniture.

Bumper Feet on Glass Tabletop for Protection
Bumper Feet on Glass Tabletop for Protection

Hotel rooms have become as luxurious as the destinations themselves. The Nevis West Indies, a Four Seasons hotel, provides all the comforts of home with a breathtaking view of the blue sea on which it sits. This five-star Caribbean getaway is perfect for honeymoons or vacations for the whole family. The only downside to a vacation like this is not being able ‘stick’ around forever (like our bumpers do)!

Bumper Feet in Nevis Hotel
How many bumper feet do you think are in this room? – Four Seasons, West Indies

You’ll see them high, you’ll see them low, you’ll see them everywhere you go!

Rubber Feet in Hotel
World leaders stay here to check out our rubber feet – Hay Adams Hotel – Washington, D.C.
Bumper Feet in Seychelles
Our bumper feet enjoy a nice view at this Four Seasons in Seychelles, Africa
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