Rubber Feet for Audio Equipment

04 Feb  

In this post, we would like to highlight some interesting applications of our Rubber Feet For Speakers. Today’s topic? Audio equipment! Our non-skid, vibration resistant bumper cushions are widely used to protect home speaker systems as sub-woofer anti vibration feet, bookshelf speaker feet, loudspeaker protectors, and amplifier spacers. With all of the intricate components that go into these state-of-the-art sound systems, don’t forget one of the simplest pieces of the puzzle: a stick-on, anti-vibration bumper stopper from Bumper Specialties. When you’ve got the bass turned up high enough to shake the neighbor’s house, some things are bound to slide around. Don’t let your speakers be one of them. With our Stick-On Rubber Bumper Stoppers on the bottom of your audio equipment, you can be sure that the only things moving will be you and your friends.

The companies we’re featuring in this post are customers of ours who make top-of-the-line speaker set ups. If sound quality is half as important to you as it is to Leon Speaker Corporation and Audience, you’ll want to get your hands on some of their sound systems as soon as possible!


Leon Speaker Corporation

Leon Speakers with Rubber Feet


Leon Speakers with Rubber Bumpers

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