The Music Will Be Bumping This Summer

25 Apr  

Get ready music fans! It’s that time of year again when your favorite musicians will take the stage at festivals all summer long! Check out some great entertainment this summer at Firefly, LollapaloozaCMA Music Festival, and many more. Enjoy a day in the sun or warm night under the stars while listening to your favorite artists.

See and hear the best musicians in the world using music equipment with our self-adhesive rubber bumper pads on them. Our bumpers are a silent, but important member of every great band or music group. Our bumpers can be found on all types of music equipment; including pedals, foot controllers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, recording systems, and much more.

Audio Equipment with Rubber Feet
Audio Equipment with Rubber Feet

Looking for the right Bluetooth pedal for your band or music group? Take a look at the quality products provided by Airturn, Inc. They offer all types of wireless music equipment that interact with various computers and portable technology. Airturn’s Bluetooth Pedals assist bands and music groups from all over the world. We are proud to have our BS05 black self-adhesive bumpers on the AirTurn DUO, AirTurn STOMP6, and AirTurn QUAD.

Airturn Duo with Rubber Feet
Airturn Duo with Rubber Feet

The AirTurn DUO allows you to wirelessly control digital sheet music, lyrics, effects and backing tracks on your tablet, mac, pc or smartphone without using your hands. The AirTurn STOMP6 can be plugged into your pedal board and connect to your favorite apps that support AirTurn products.

Rubber Bumpers on Airturn STOMP 6
Rubber Bumpers on Airturn STOMP6
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