Self-Adhesive Bumper Foot - Clear BS28

Bumper Specialties is proud to introduce its newest addition to the already successful Bumper family, the BS-28 cylindrical self-stick bumper. Measuring .718”(18.2mm) Diameter by .600” (15.2mm) height, it stands tall and wide and suits a number of your difficult application needs. This new revolutionary product was originally designed for the automotive industry, but like the…

Self-Stick Bumpers on Electronics

Electronics have become an essential part of our existence and our bumpers play an integral role. Our self-adhesive bumpers are used underneath laptops to prevent them from sliding, inside computers as PCB bumper spacers, and on modems and networks equipment to create space and airflow. Check underneath your desk phone, alarm clock, printers, TV stands,…

Bumpers on Private Jets

Bumpers like to travel in style! Whether your flying on a private plane or riding on a coach bus that is nicer than your living room, you will find our self adhesive bumpers at work. Private planes are comfortable, although you are still traveling at 500 mph at 30,000 feet with a chance of turbulence….