Bumpers Travel in Style

08 Feb  

Bumpers like to travel in style! Whether your flying on a private plane or riding on a coach bus that is nicer than your living room, you will find our self adhesive bumpers at work. Private planes are comfortable, although you are still traveling at 500 mph at 30,000 feet with a chance of turbulence. Coach buses may be smooth, but the roads can be bumpy(no pun intended). Tables, windows, and cabinet doors will rattle, but our bumpers will be there to reduce the rattle and keep them quiet. Your fancy cheese plate and drink will want to slide, but the bumpers underneath the cutting board and coaster will keep them in place. No matter how plush your mode of transportation is, self adhesive bumpers are needed to keep the trip quiet and enjoyable.

Bumpers Fly Private!

Bumpers on Private Jets
Adhesive Bumpers in Aircraft Cabin: Photo Credit (Cabin Crafters)
Bumpers on Plane Table
Self-Stick Bumpers on Plane Table

If you ever have the chance to fly in a private jet, you will never want to fly commercial again. Each jet is unique with comfortable seating, technology, privacy, and convenience. The one thing that these jets have in common is that they all have self-stick bumpers on them. We know that there is still a chance your flight may be bumpy, but these bumpers will help reduce any rattling or movement that goes on. Cabin Crafters, builds custom aircraft interiors including cabinetry, drawers, and upholstery for the corporate aviation market. One thing’s for sure, there will be no more boring and uncomfortable business trips.

Bumpers Love Road Trips!

Coach Bus Bumpers
Rattle Reducing Bumpers on Coach Bus: Photo Credit (Amadas Coach)

Not a big fan of flying and rather take a road trip instead? Why not sit back and relax on a beautifully designed Coach bus. These buses give you that home feeling while you are on the road. ​Amadas Coach specializes in custom conversions of motorcoaches providing many different styles for that long trip ahead. They provide comfortable seating, sleeping quarters, ‘bumper to bumper’ (Pun Intended) technology, and even a full service bathroom. Our self-adhesive bumpers can also be found throughout keeping your belongings safe and secure. Our bumpers love long scenic trips.

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