The Best Adhesive Bumpers for Electronics!

24 Oct  

Electronics have become an essential part of our existence and our bumpers play an integral role. Our self-adhesive bumpers are used underneath laptops to prevent them from sliding, inside computers as PCB bumper spacers, and on modems and networks equipment to create space and airflow. Check underneath your desk phone, alarm clock, printers, TV stands, or speakers to see our bumpers are hard at work. Electronics are inherently expensive considering all the components involved. We believe it makes sense to protect your investment by using the best bumpers for your electronics.

Bumpers on Electronics
Self-Stick Bumpers on Electronics

Why should you use bumpers on electronics?

Anti-vibration: Self-stick rubber feet are placed on the bottom of speakers and subwoofers for added support and to avoid movement.

Anti-Skid: Non-skid adhesive bumper feet can be applied to the bottom of laptops and other table top electronics to prevent them from skidding and scratching.

Spacers: Bumper spacers are used on PCB boards inside computers to avoid contact with other parts. They provide a critical barrier that helps keep sensitive components free of damaging heat build-up, short circuiting, vibration and board flexing in printed circuit boards.

Where should you apply bumpers on electronic equipment?

Underneath: We normally recommend to our customers to place four rubber feet on bottom of the product.

Inside: There are some circumstances where you need to place them on the inside of the product to prevent rattling of components.

What bumper profile should you use on your electronics?

Color: Black bumpers are popular in the electronic industry since in matches the industrial look of black casing boxes. However, there was a moment over a decade ago when Apple made white fashionable in the electronic industry and our white bumpers were popular.

Size: If you are looking to create space and airflow, we recommend using one of our tall cylindrical bumpers like the BS-11 or BS-06 for larger items like network racks or printers. For smaller devices like cable boxes or charging stations we recommend smaller round or square bumpers like the BS32 or BS01. For table top surface protection we recommend a shorter bumper with increased surface area like the BS-05, BS-39, or BS-72.

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