Bumpers Will Keep Your Glass Table Tops Looking FABulous!

20 Jun  

Decorating your home with new furniture can be very time consuming and costly but also fun and exciting. Start your home makeover off right by finding the right glass table top for your living room, dining room or kitchen. Just like our protective bumpers, glass table tops are versatile pieces used on furniture throughout the home such as glass dining room tables, coffee tables, dressers, and even outdoor furniture. Transparent glass creates an illusion of space, making a room appear larger and more airy than it actually is. Glass tops are also a great way to improve an existing piece of furniture into a DIY project. The timeless style of glass table tops can be used in traditional and contemporary homes. Glass obviously has a fragile surface and needs protection. Bumper Specialties’ clear flat top self-adhesive bumpers are widely used as protective spacers for glass tables. Our crystal clear glass table top bumper options are almost invisible when applied to glass applications.


Glass Table Bumper Spacers
Self-Adhesive Bumper Spacers on Fab Glass & Mirror Glass Table Tops

High Quality Glass Tables

Looking for a fancy new glass table or table top for your home? Take a look at the outstanding products offered by Fab Glass and Mirror. They are one of the fastest growing companies in America specializing in manufacturing and distribution of glass and mirror products. They sell many different glass table tops, and glass dining and coffee tables that will be a perfect fit for your living room, dining room or kitchen. In order to protect their products, they place our clear cylindrical rubber bumper spacers underneath their glass table tops to prevent any damage to the glass. Fab Glass offers several different shapes, dimensions, glass types, glass thickness, and edging for their glass tabletops. No matter what glass table you choose, you will receive a high quality product with high quality self-adhesive glass table top spacers to protect it.

Glass Table Rubber Bumpers
Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumpers on Fab Glass & Mirror Glass Tables

DIY: How to Apply Self-Adhesive Bumper Spacers to your Glass Table Tops?

  1. Carefully remove the glass from its base to avoid scratching and chipping of the glass.
  2. Clean the dust on both sides of the glass top and table base using the lint-free cloth and glass cleaner.
  3. Remove clear self-adhesive rubber bumpers from pad and stick to base of table.
  4. Carefully place the glass top gently over your dining or coffee table.
  5. Press the top gently on the bumper.
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