Goodbye noisy cabinets, hello best cabinet bumpers!

26 Apr  

Are you tired of your cabinet doors making a loud annoying noise when slammed closed? Try placing our special soft close cabinet door protectors on the corners of cabinet doors for added protection, noise reduction and to extend the life of the cabinets.

Cabinet Door Bumper Pad

Sound Dampening Cabinet Door Bumpers

Our self-stick cabinet door stops are designed to cushion the impact area and absorb energy from closing cabinet doors. These parts have been specifically engineered to provide the quietest close available for any cabinet door and reduce impact by more than half.

Simply peel and stick these cabinet door rubber bumpers to all your kitchen and bathroom cabinets throughout your home. These kitchen cabinet door stoppers are a lifesaver for those who want to sneak downstairs for a late night snack, and do not want to wake up the whole family due the loud bangs from the cabinets. Thanks to these sound dampening cabinet bumpers, there will be no more cringing when you accidentally close your cabinet doors too hard. Learn more how to fix noisy kitchen cabinets using cabinet bumper pads.

5 Benefits of Using Our Self-Stick Cabinet Door Buffers

  1. Manufactured in USA
  2. Made with 100% polyurethane & no plasticizers
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Will not scratch or stain surface
  5. Strong adhesive


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