Rubber Feet in Backyard

G’day pool owners! Pool maintenance is a costly and time-consuming task, but it does not have to be all bad. One easy way to protect your pool and keep it looking new is to use a pool cover or enclosure. There are several different types of retractable pool covers that you can use during the…

Cabinet Door Bumper Pad

Are you tired of your cabinet doors making a loud annoying noise when slammed closed? Try placing our special soft close cabinet door protectors on the corners of cabinet doors for added protection, noise reduction and to extend the life of the cabinets. Sound Dampening Cabinet Door Bumpers Our self-stick cabinet door stops are designed to…

Stand Up Desk

(This blog was written standing up using a Stand Up Desk with self-adhesive rubber furniture bumpers) Are you feeling the effects of sitting too much at your desk during work? The constant hunching over or slouching can cause discomfort in your back and neck. The simple solution to these potential health issues is to acquire…