The Bumpers from ‘DownUnder’

08 Aug  

G’day pool owners! Pool maintenance is a costly and time-consuming task, but it does not have to be all bad. One easy way to protect your pool and keep it looking new is to use a pool cover or enclosure. There are several different types of retractable pool covers that you can use during the summer months that will keep your pool clean from dirt and debris, lock in heat, and save water and energy. Our self-stick rubber bumpers are used on many different types of retractable pool covers and enclosures to prevent them from being damaged. These types of pool covers along with our bumpers are sold in various countries around the world.

Rubber Feet in Backyard

You can find our self adhesive rubber feet on products manufactured all over the world! Bumpers can be found on the bottom of espresso machines made in Italy, automobiles designed in Germany, and hand blown glass bowls from Sweden.

Also, did you know our bumpers can be found on just about anything in your backyard? Look around and you will see our bumpers on your glass tables, outdoor kitchens and grills, and even on the bottom of planters.

Sunbathe by the Pool

Are you tired of looking at that heavy duty pool cover roller at the end of your pool? Check out this ‘Hidden’ Pool Cover System by the Australian based company, Sunbather. Sunbather is Australia’s largest and oldest solar pool heating and pool cover company. The ‘DownUnder’ is a hidden retractable pool cover that hides the roller mechanism in a cavity at one end of the pool and is covered by a lid. The DownUnder range lives below ground, out of sight and out of the way. To make this product even better, our self-adhesive bumpers are used to cushion the hinged aluminum lid.

Bumpers on Retractable Pool Cover

More and more pool owners are keeping their pool covers hidden underground using Sunbathers’ DownUnder range. The DownUnder range is easy to use and can be operated in a stand up position by just one person.

Rubber Bumpers on Downunder Pool Cover

During those hot summer days, the only thing you should be worried about is keeping cool by your pool!

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