Protect Your Walls With Adhesive Door Stoppers

09 Jul  

Almost every door needs a rubber door stop to protect against damaging the walls when opening.  Hinge doors and sliding doors alike both require a rubber door stopper.  Bumper Specialties has designed the perfect solution to preventing wall damage from door knobs.

Door Bumper Wall Protectors

Black Door Stops

Our bumper, the BS-30, is a self adhesive rubber door stop bumper that sticks to the wall behind the door where the door handles would make contact with the wall.  Without a door buffer in place, the door handles would scratch, crack, or damage the wall.

Some rubber door stops are screwed into the floor to prevent the door from hitting.  Other interior door stops and outside door stops are screwed into the bottom corner of the door.  These methods both work, but they require extra hardware, expense, time, and labor. Lastly, you can stub your toes on them!

Other wall door bumpers that mount on the wall require being screwed into a stud.  Our protective door stoppers are easy to apply, but still have a strong bond to the wall and are very secure.  Our most popular color is our clear door stops which blend into the wall.  We also carry black, brown, grey, and white door stoppers.

Self-Adhesive Bumper Stop - Black BS30
Self-Adhesive Bumper Stop – Black BS30

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can crash into the door frame when they slide on their track.  This can damage and weaken the door frame.  Instead, try using a small door stop bumper on the inside of the door frame to cushion the sliding door.

Try one of our door stop bumpers today and see the improvement in your walls, door frames, décor and comfort!

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