Don’t Be Bumped Off Your Network

27 Aug  

Google Jumps into the Network

To say network devices play a part in our everyday lives is an understatement. Just like these devices, rubber feet are everywhere and serve as protectors. We are constantly surfing the web, checking email, accessing our social media pages, or online shopping. Modems and routers play a pivotal part in the overall production in today’s society. Since technology is constantly changing, there is always a new product, design or upgrade that becomes available to increase overall performance. Google has recently unveiled a new Wi-Fi router called the OnHub. This tabletop router provides a new way of accessing your Wi-Fi by using the OnHub app on your smartphone. It automatically adjusts your settings to provide a better user experience within in your Wi-Fi environment.

Rubber Feet on Bottom of Routers & Modems

There are different types of network routers and modems on the market that vary in shape and size, but there is a part that is common in all of them. At the bottom of each router there are four rubber feet that protect the router and the surface it is on. At Bumper Specialties, Inc., we offer several styles of rubber feet that will fit on different types of routers. We also provide replacement feet in various shapes and sizes for this particular application just like we do for laptop feet.

Rubber Feet for Network Equipment
Rubber Feet for Network Equipment

Protecting Your Tabletop with Rubber Feet

Household and office furniture can be easily damaged by the constant movement of these devices, but with help of these rubber feet they will not be. Our cylindrical, hemispherical, square, recessed, and conical self-adhesive rubber feet are made of 100% polyurethane that will not mar, scratch, or stain any surface. Our rubber bumper feet can also be applied to protect many other applications that you see each day.

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