Cork Stops and Foam Pads

22 Aug  
Cork and Foam Bumper Pads
Cork and Foam Bumper Pads

Comparing self-adhesive cork pads and protective foam feet against our polyurethane bumper stops leaves the cork and foam in the dust. Bumper Specialties, Inc.’s polyurethane bumper feet provide a quieter close for cabinet doors than the competition. Our bumpers hold up longer when used underneath glass table tops and will not tear or break down as easily as round cork feet and hexagon shaped foam pads do. Since cork and foam are lower-quality materials than polyurethane, attempting to bond a reliable adhesive to these parts is a difficult task. Typically, the adhesives used on cork bumpers and foam pads are just as cheap and unreliable as the stoppers themselves, preventing these parts from performing properly. Bumper Specialties, Inc.’s self-adhesive polyurethane bumper stops are the clear winner in comparison to cork stoppers or foam bumpers.

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