Rubber Bumper Spacers

08 May  

You may think that Bumper Specialties rubber feet are only good for dampening sounds on slamming cabinets, or minimizing vibration on speaker systems, or for non-skid cutting boards, but our rubber bumpers can do so much more!  These versatile bumper products explore many fields and uses.  One application we would like to spotlight today is self adhesive bumpers used as rubber spacers.

PCB Spacers 

Rubber spacers are used on computers, routers, and stackable network devices.  A fragile printed circuit board (or PCB) sits inside these devices.  Sometimes multiple PCB stack adjacently in a single device.  If they touch they can scratch, break, and cause computer damage.  What is a very simple solution to prevent them from touching?  Stick our rubber spacers on a PCB!

PCB Board Rubber Spacers

Vinyl, nylon, or polyurethane spacers work best for this job.  Our bumper spacers function well because they are insulators, therefore they do not conduct electricity.  Ideally, spacers need to have a flat top to support the PCB.  In this application, our cylindrical self adhesive bumpers work best.

An alternative to bumper spacers is plastic screws; however, they take a lot more effort to apply.  All of our bumper spacers are backed with an aggressive adhesive, so they stick on immediately.  Plastic screws take up more space than rubber bumpers because they need to drill a hole into the PCB.

Glass Spacers

You can also find our rubber spacers used to stabilize glass.  For example, glass shelving and tables use our rubber spacers to keep the glass in place and help protect both the glass and the surface underneath.

Substitutes for rubber spacers in this application can be cork, felt, tape, or foam.  Despite these other options, Bumper Specialties rubber spacers work most efficiently.  They grip the glass, can hold the weight of the glass without wearing out or flattening, and are transparent.

Rubber spacers are also used on windows because they effectively dampen vibrating and rattling from the window.  Rubber bumper spacers make windows sturdier when they are shut because they hold everything tightly in place.

Glass Shelf Rubber Spacers

Rubber spacers are just one of the many uses that make Bumper Specialties a small but necessary staple in our daily lives.   Keep an eye out for all the different ways rubber bumpers are used!

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