Glass Artwork with Rubber Feet

In this post, we would like to highlight some unique applications of our Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet. While our clear bumper protectors can be found on glass tables and glass shelving, windows and doors, and even on glass cutting boards and coasters, we feel the need to take this moment to recognize some decorative applications…

Bumper Specialties Fall Decorations

If you thought Hurricane Sandy was frightening, you should see Bumper Specialties Haunted Halloween Office!! Our office was closed on Monday 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30 because of the extreme weather in our area. We are glad to report no damages and we are back to business as usual. As you can see from the photos,…

Porch Potty with Rubber Feet

With countless applications in multiple industries throughout the world, including everything from cabinet door stops, picture frame corner protectors, and cutting board feet to iPod dock speakers, laptop rubber feet, and other electronics, we here at Bumper Specialties always appreciate the creative, unique uses for our Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet. Today, we would like to…