Rubber Feet on Ice Maker

Bumper Specialties is a worldwide manufacturer of rubber feet, so we like to embrace the cultures and holidays of our customers from around the world. The ever-popular Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, has been adopted by the US to celebrate food, fun, and your Irish heritage. We are jealous of St. Patrick’s revered spot in…


Almost every door needs a rubber door stop to protect against damaging the walls when opening.  Hinge doors and sliding doors alike both require a rubber door stopper.  Bumper Specialties has designed the perfect solution to preventing wall damage from door knobs. Door Bumper Wall Protectors Our bumper, the BS-30, is a self adhesive rubber door stop bumper that sticks to the…

Bumper Specialties Building

Welcome to our brand new blog! We’re excited to take this opportunity to share what’s on our minds with you, our customers. Here you’ll find information and updates about our company, products, applications, and industry. From all of us here at Bumper Specialties, we hope you enjoy what we’ve done with this page and would…