Rubber Feet Stock and Inventory

05 Sep  

With over 170 million rubber bumper feet stored in our climate-controlled warehouse at any point in time, Bumper Specialties will always be sure to have the parts you require. We have the capabilities in our 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility to produce millions of bumper feet a day, and we strive to ensure that we will always be fully stocked with all of our most popular products. By carrying such a large inventory on-hand, we can decrease lead time and get you the self-adhesive rubber feet you need as quickly as possible.

Bumper Specialties Building
Bumper Specialties, Inc. – 1607 Imperial Way, West Deptford, NJ 08066

We can’t always anticipate every order that we receive, however, and sometimes our customers order large bulk quantities of rubber feet that we don’t already have made. If that happens, the customer is given an estimated lead time, and we begin manufacturing their bumper stoppers as soon as possible. To make sure you don’t have to wait any longer than is necessary to get your hands on some of our bumpers, order your Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet today!

Bumper Specialties Warehouse
Bumper Specialties Warehouse


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